ithographic full Color PrintingThere are so many methods and techniques in the photography field today that at times, it seems that some of them are the same with different names. However, that’s not the case. There are differences and these differences define these methods and ways. One such case is of digital printing and lithographic color printing. Many people think that these two are the same; however, they have their own distinct features. Let’s look at some of the differences that digital printing and lithographic color printing have, especially in the casino and gambling businesses:

  • Time Runs: Digital printing is a better choice for shorter runs when compared to lithographic printing.
  • Copies: In the case of digital printing, one can acquire copies of one file at a time. On the other hand, in the case of lithographic printing, one can get copies or all the pages selected in a serial wise way.
  • Digital printing is way more simple when compared with the complex process of lithographic printing.
  • As lithographic printing is a complex process, it takes more time when compared to digital printing.
  • Both are good when it comes to high-quality color prints, however, lithographic is always better when compared with digital printing. For someone who doesn’t know much, both the prints might look similar, however to people who have knowledge, they will always know which one is made from lithographic printing and which one is made from digital printing.
  • At times, over printing is a requirement. In such situations, prints taken from lithographic printing are more successful and tolerant.
  • Metallic Inks: In case, metallic inks like gold or silver are used in printing, the best results can be yielded by using lithographic color printing.

So many differences yet the same word – printing. Both, digital printing and lithographic printing are widely admired and required by casinos like It all depends on the requirement and budget.